Customized Services

Do you work in the energy sector? We provide you with all the services and advice your company needs. Thanks to Butler, in fact, even small and medium-sized businesses can easily access multiple services, enjoying the particularly advantageous prices usually reserved for large operators of the national energy market.


We provide support for the administrative and financial management of your company through: registration of accounting movements, tax determination, excise and financial flows management, optimization of management costs and elaboration of forward budgets.

Invoicing and Back Office

From purchases to proceeds, from payments to sales, from VAT payment to credits recovery, we guarantee the formal and substantial correctness of accounting and invoicing transactions, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and national accounting principles.

Supply Strategies

There is no company like another. That's why Butler proposes a tailor-made strategic planning service for raw materials procurement activities, supporting you in opening new contracts and modifying existing ones, studying the solution that best suits your business needs.

Accreditation Activities

We lead companies through the complexities of the electricity and natural gas market, supporting them in carrying out reporting activities and activating and managing their relationships with the Reference Authorities.

Customer Service

Managing and meeting customer needs is one of our main goals. Customer care is concerned with coordination of all the activities aimed at satisfying customers' information needs, from the progress of procedures to the methods of administration and operation of the provided services.

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