Are you a sales company or a reseller operating in the sale of electricity and gas?
We offer you flexible, innovative and tailored solutions for your business.
Thanks to Butler, in fact, even small and medium-sized businesses can easily access multiple services, enjoying the particularly advantageous prices usually reserved for large operators of the national energy market.


We provide support for the administrative and financial management of your company through: registration of accounting movements, tax determination, excise and financial flows management, optimization of management costs and elaboration of forward budgets.

Invoicing and Back Office

Gestiamo tutte le attività propedeutiche e strumentali alla fatturazione: realizzazione del layout delle bollette, personalizzato sulle esigenze della società di vendita e nel rispetto delle normative nazionali; acquisizione delle letture dei contatori e fatturazione dei consumi; gestione dell’invio delle bollette via posta e via email.

Supply Strategies

We strategically plan the procurement of raw materials, with a customized and tailored analysis, as well as support in the opening of new contracts and the modification of existing ones, studying the most suitable solution for the needs of your business.

Accreditation Activities

We lead companies through the complexities of the electricity and natural gas market, supporting them in carrying out reporting activities and activating and managing their relationships with the Reference Authorities.

Customer Service

Supervising and satisfying customer needs is one of our main objectives. Customer care is responsible for the coordination of all activities aimed at satisfying the information needs of customers, from the progress of the practices, to the methods of administration and operation of the services provided.



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